Izu Mitohama

The sea and Mt. Fuji, superb views and gourmet cuisine
For those who want to live a beautiful life...

A tender moment spent at Shotokan,
a luxury hotel with superb views that envelops travellers

Since it opened in 1911, it has always been said that the onsen (hot spring) hotel Syotokan in Izu/Mitohama has the most superb view of Mt. Fuji in Japan. During the day, view Mt. Fuji across the Suruga Bay from Mitohama. At night, look out over the fiery fish lures on the horizon from the public viewing bath on the top floor.
Relax by soaking in the private rotemburo (outdoor bath) in your room.
The hotel is also fully equipped with a private family bath and a stone sauna (a fee will be charged for their use).
Meals are fine quality Izu Japanese-style creative kaiseki (traditional meal brought in courses) cuisine using fresh ingredients characteristic of Izu/Mitohama.

Izu/Mitohama Shotokan
– Basic Services

At Shotokan, we provide the following services so that you can relax and enjoy a trip characteristic of Izu/Mitohama to your heart’s content.

  • ・21 hour long stay. Check-in: 2pm, check-out 11am.
  • ・All guest rooms are equipped with large-screen liquid crystal TVs and humidifiers (humidifiers are loaned out during the summer)
  • ・Pet accommodation facilities (cage rental only)
  • ・VCR/DVD player rental (free of charge)
  • ・Free tea and coffee in the lobby lounge during your stay
  • ・Free draught beer available at check-in (welcome drink)
  • ・Mineral water (plastic bottles) provided in each room (2 per person, free of charge)
  • ・2 yukatas (light kimono worn as a robe) per person

Fine quality Izu Japanese-style
creative cuisine

Carefully selected ingredients and consideration of the love of the seasons and the spirit of searching for good flavours

Carefully selected ingredients and consideration of each of the seasons. The Japanese influence is noticeably skilful, producing an elegant trip and we provide consideration and hospitality that covers everything. This is the spirit of Shotokan. From the starter to the dessert, each dish is fastidiously created by hand. It is completely original creative cuisine that does not use any ready-made products. Good taste is a given but the Shotokan creative cuisine, which also provides visual enjoyment, allows you to relish the spirit of wabisabi (aesthetic sense of simplicity and refinement) that values the beauty of lingering charm. Spend a supremely blissful moment that will make you smile. as a robe) per person

Shotokan Golden Onsen

The sea and Mt. Fuji, a soothing moment in which you can feel the elegance of the four seasons with all five senses

Look forward to the onsen, savour the bath. While soaking in the tub, enjoy a supremely blissful moment in which you can feel the elegance of the four seasons with all five senses.
See the superb view that is not available anywhere else from the outdoor viewing baths on the roof (Fuji no Yu, Ashitaka no Yu). (Baths are made alternately available to men and women.)
Moreover, the hotel’s large public bath has many amenities and bath and face towels are provided.
We are very thorough in our detailed consideration so that guests can always bathe to feel refreshed and relaxed.
Guests may also use the private family bath for a more private experience or the stone sauna which is popular for its detoxing effects.
In addition, an unbroken view of Mitsuhama is available from the post-bath rest area and guests can use the latest massage chairs free of charge.
(Spring quality) simple onsen
Relieves the symptoms of: rheumatic disease, movement disorders, nerve paralysis, neuralgia, aids: convalescence, recovery from fatigue
(Contraindications) All acute diseases, febrile disorders, progressive tuberculosis, malignant tumours, serious heart disease, haemorrhagic disease, elevated anaemia, other progressive diseases. Pregnancy (particularly early and late pregnancy)

Private bath requiring reservation Katsuragi no Yu

Shotokan guests can enjoy the private bath as a couple or as a family in comfort. It is particularly popular with families with young children. It also has reclining beds which are perfect for cooling down. As this can only be used with a reservation, please make your reservation at the front desk on the day of your arrival.

All guest rooms are modern
in the Sukiya-style
(tea ceremony arbour style)
with an ocean view creative cuisine

Flowers dancing in the wind, The moon seen in sea, The path that is fragrant with tone colours

Shotokan is located in Mitsuhama which juts out into the Suruga Bay. Guests can enjoy superlative views from any of the rooms. A Sukiya-style (tea ceremony arbour style) modern Japanese space. All 8 rooms are characteristic of Shotokan with carefully selected furnishings as well. Guests can view Suruga Bay, Mt. Fuji and Awajima from the rooms which are unified in quiet colour tones.


Mistuhama and Shotokan are easily accessible from the gateway to Izu and Tokyo.

Izu/Mitohama Shotokan

Address: 7 Uchiura Mito, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 410-0223
Tel: 055-943-2311
Nearest station: Izu Hakone Railway, Izu Nagaoka Station

(Access by train)
Approx. 90 minutes by shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo station.
Shotokan is easily access from the gateway to Izu and Tokyo.

(Shuttle service)
We operate a shuttle service from the nearest station, Izu Nagaoka. Please reserve in advance.

●Access from Narita Airport (Approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes)

Narita Airport (Narita Express) --- Tokyo Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen) --- Mishima Station (Izu Hakone Railway) --- Izu Nagaoka Station (shuttle service) --- Shotokan

●Access from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (Approx. 2 hours)

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (bus) --- Shizuoka Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen)--- Mishima Station (Izu Hakone Railway) --- Izu Nagaoka Station (shuttle service)--- Shotokan

●Access from Kansai Airport(Approx. 4 hours 30 minutes)

Kansai Airport (Kanku Tokyu Haruka)--- Shin-Osaka Station (JR Tokaido Shinkansen)--- Mishima Station (Izu Hakone Railway) --- Izu Nagaoka Station (shuttle service)--- Shotokan